Blockchain,nodejs,angular, reactjs, mangodb, python,mysql
Blockchain,nodejs,angular, reactjs, mangodb, python,mysql


We help small and mid-sized companies find and solve unique
business problems that leverage artificial intelligence
to create measurable business value.
We began by asking "what are some real-world problems you or
your clients are solving with AI ?"


A simple, ready-to-use
version of the blockchain platform is
available for use. They save time and money and reduce the risk of failure. Our offering is based on core guiding principles with reference implementation.

Web Development

We develop and deploy high-performance web application, customized to your specific business needs. We also make sure that every applications is built the way you want whether it's blogging, photography, business or fun.

Mobile Development

We are committed to deliver
innovative mobile apps.
On your request, we build apps
that can be run on
any platforms like
the iOS or Android.

Cloud Services

Our cloud team help to
transform applications and
business processes
management on AWS,
Azure and Google
cloud based services.


We help companies build
new social interactions with conversational interfaces
that combines AI and Natural
Language Processing, sentiment Analytics of tweets that combines
with profiles, feeds
and connections.